Why sticky notes should be on every entrepreneur's supplies list?

by Ankush Gakhar

As an entrepreneur, you never stop thinking. You get several ideas –  some stick, most skip. As you hustle through multiple priorities, it is practically impossible to act on your ideas as and when they come. However, you do appreciate the value of these on the spur ideas, and you definitely like to hash them out before shooting them down.

That’s why you need the sticky notes (or what we call the Idea Stickers!).

While sticky notes prevent you from losing out on an idea that could have turned into a big opportunity, they can be extremely useful in the following ways:

  1. Sticky notes are excellent for promoting productive collaboration. Each member’s thoughts/ideas are clearly captured and is visually available for everyone’s reference.
  2. Multi coloured notes can be used to depict different priorities - red for products features, yellow for sales channels, etc.
  3. You can write those obscure keyboard shortcuts and stick them next to your work desk. You would save lots of time by having these shortcuts next to you, and over time you would just memorize them by using and visualizing them every day.
  4. Sticky notes are great for annotating the books you read. Capturing and sticking your thoughts/takeaways/action items next to a specific paragraph in the book can have a multi fold increase in its future engagement levels. You can also use sticky notes to bookmark specific areas for future reference.
  5. Little reminders (such as grab a thing on your way out, a routine/one-time check list, etc) stuck at the right location points can do wonders to your productivity.
  6. Leaving it on your team mate's or employee's desk as a mark of appreciation can do a big motivation boost!
  7. Writing your favourite quotes and sticking them around your environment can spread the positivity you need during your entrepreneurial journey.